Camp-The Homma Way

By Rusty Mills / Photography By Brooke Allen | March 17, 2017
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In a world of endless connectivity and seemingly constant demand, if you want to forget the stresses of the daily grind, disconnect and get outside. Trade the work attire for campground casual. Breathe the open air, take in the scenery, overwhelm the senses, sleep outdoors, dine outdoors; live outdoors and enjoy the experience (if only for a short while).

Nature has a subtle way of reminding us that there is more to life, and this unmistakably gratifying pursuit of the great outdoors is inspiration for Tulsa-based Homma Camp Co.

Homma co-founders Jessica Brent and Deanna Cooper are working to bring this magic within reach—both for their customers and for themselves. They offer a convenient alternative for folks who don’t have the time or gear for DIY camping, or for those just searching for something a little more comfortable.

As for their customers, Jessica says, “We hope they can enjoy the experience of camping and being outside without the added stress of the gear, setup and breakdown—what keeps people from getting outside.” Homma’s pop-up services include canvas bell tents fully outfitted with amenities that range from bed choices to movie projectors, and also include more traditional camping staples such as firewood and, of course, food: They offer a full menu.

Planning meals for camping can be difficult, as many of us know from tasting the bitter disappointment of a campsite feast that didn’t quite go as planned. “The outdoor cooking aspect is often overlooked,” Jessica says. As a solution, Homma collaborates with Hope Egan’s Red Thistle Catering Co., a from-scratch kitchen utilizing sustainable restaurant practices. With this partnership Homma can provide all that a group of famished campers might need to survive the weekend, from a menu inspired by seasonal bounty and local sourcing. Menu items can also be ordered semiprepared for those who prefer to make use of their fire pit beyond feeding the flame simply for warmth.

“To be able to enjoy the outdoors but also be able to enjoy really good food, I think, adds to the experience,” she says.

When Jessica and Deanna started the company a year ago, their intention was partly to curb their own appetites for adventure. Whether it’s living in southern Spain, traveling Europe or searching for the next local hike, neither is content with settling for sedentary. And why should they? Deanna says one of the most rewarding aspects of running the business is their ability to get outside more. Through Homma, they’ve been able to discover new areas of interest, explore them and in turn promote them for others to experience.

This enthusiasm for exploration works to the benefit of their customers, who contact Homma seeking a unique way of experiencing the outdoors. Jessica says many of them are families and couples—often with one camper more seasoned than their partner, so Homma’s pop-up service comes as a compromise that will appeal to the persuasions of both.

Every camper has their story, and Homma has had their share of grininspiring moments along the way. One particular couple contacted them to coordinate a camping weekend, as Jessica recalls. While the husband and wife were both experienced campers they were also one month shy of delivering their second child. Homma set it up, and the couple was able to have their campout amid the excitement of the impending big day—when otherwise the preparation and unforgiving mattress that we call earth might have been reason to pack it in. And the coolest part: They picked a name for their future camper over the weekend.

With Homma offering services for an array of events, the stories are sure to keep coming. They are delighted to be teaming up with Living Kitchen this year to offer pop-up services for their farm-table-dinner nights. One might also catch a Homma promotion for music festivals such as Easter Island Music and Camping Festival, G Fest, or Basecamp Camping Festival at Turkey Mountain—all were outfitted with several Homma tents and accompanying amenities in 2016.

Naturally stated, Homma’s goal is “to make it easy to get outside,” says Jessica. When the weekend is over and the campers head back to their comforts, Homma will pack up and plan another. For them, the next adventure awaits.

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