Evan McLemore

Born in Tahlequah, Oklahoma and growing up in Arkansas, Evan graduated with a B.A. in History from the University of Central Arkansas in 2002.  In 2004, Evan began attending OSU-Okmulgee and its well-known Culinary Arts Program.  During his time at OSU-Okmulgee, he also lived and worked in Tulsa, just one of many that began their careers working for Michael Fusco at Flavor’s Restaurant.

In 2006, he changed career trajectories and began working for Sysco Foodservice as a Marketing Associate.  In 2008, Evan changed trajectories once again, and enrolled in law school at the University of Tulsa.  Not one to make things easy on himself, he also took a position at the then-new River Spirit Casino, working full-time as a sous chef while attending law school part-time.  During his last year in law school, he took a position with the law firm of Levinson, Smith & Huffman, P.C. as an intern, and is now employed with the same Firm as an Associate Attorney.

Evan enjoys getting back into the food game by contributing to Edible Tulsa when he can.  Evan also finds it both ironic and eerily familiar that his career in food began with him having to try and impress Chef/Editor Valarie Carter in his Skills I course at OSU-Okmulgee, and finds himself having to try and impress her once again.

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